Wake Me When It's Over


Wake Me When It's Over

Length: 10hrs 22mins 15 episodesCompleted
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Born and raised in Detroit, the city that America forgot, Charlene “Charlie” Mack has built a highly respected private investigations firm through hard work, smart choices, and relentless ambition.When Charlie and her team of investigators are asked to take on a seemingly impossible case―to identify and thwart an attack on the upcoming Detroit Auto Show―it takes a $100K incentive and the help of a dozen freelancers for Charlie and her crew to unravel a twisted plot that runs through several countries and many more bank accounts. But finding out who’s behind the intricate plot only solves half the problem. Charlie and her crew are drawn into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as they try to locate dozens of hidden bombs before they can be detonated in an arena full of hundreds of people.


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • detective


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