Invitation to Murder


Invitation to Murder

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Welcome to Oldminster, a quaint little town where there’s always a mystery to be solved.Frank Renfield, Baron of Renfield Hall, will stop at nothing to save himself from ruin. Even if that means marrying his daughter off to a rich American. Unfortunately for him, she is already in love with a penniless nobody named Alan Lavender—to the glee of Alan’s greedy uncle Guy. He’s been nosing into the Renfields’s murky past, and he says he’s uncovered a secret. Something so shocking it casts a shadow over Frank’s entire legacy.Tensions run high at the hall, until Guy Lavender turns up dead. A convenient coincidence for Frank? Detectives French and Edwards are on the case. But in a town full of secrets, the truth can be hard to find. And Guy’s won’t be the only body to fall before their work is done … Who will be next to die under the Renfields’s roof?


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • murder
  • lies
  • crime


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