No Wedding Like Nantucket


No Wedding Like Nantucket

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The wedding of the year versus the storm of the century. Who will win?Things are finally looking up for the Benson family. After a year of tough choices and big leaps of faith, it seems like love, success, and happiness are right in their grasp. But with a wedding on the horizon and a successful new restaurant growing faster than anyone ever expected, everyone certainly has their hands full. In fact, it’s starting to cause problems.Little cracks are appearing in the surface. And the historic storm brewing offshore might turn those cracks into craters. Can the Bensons and their loved ones band together in time to make this summer their best yet? Or will jealousy and uncertainty spoil the big day?Welcome back to another summer at Nantucket’s Sweet Island Inn! It’s the happiest time of the year, so sit down, stay awhile, and fall in love in this heartwarming, inspirational women’s fiction beach read from author Grace Palmer.


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  • Romance


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