My Secret to Keep


My Secret to Keep

Length: 09hrs 23mins 78 episodesCompleted
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When Maggie Bryan works up the nerve to tell her parents she’s pregnant, they immediately disown her.Later that night, her boyfriend is killed. In desperation, she turns to her brother, Sam. Against his wife’s wishes, Sam brings Maggie to his home in rural Pennsylvania.While Maggie awaits the birth of her child and navigates the tension in her new home, she decides to finish high school. There she meets Anne Phillips, a volunteer educator and full-time architect. Over time, Maggie becomes drawn to Anne in ways she doesn’t understand, but she knows enough to keep her feelings hidden.After a devastating loss, Maggie tries to move on, but secrets and betrayals keep her from living her fullest life.Beginning in the late 1940s and spanning decades, My Secret to Keep portrays a woman at war with society, her family, and herself.


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • single mother
  • secrets


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