Oxford Secret (Great Reads Book 5)


Oxford Secret (Great Reads Book 5)

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An utterly gripping novel full of suspense and hot romanceFaith Martin is the author of the beloved Hillary Greene series. Her books have sold over two million copies. Now discover her writing as Maxine Barry.Please note: this book was first published as The Jewelled WebWould you kill to keep your most precious secret?In America, Lady Halcyone Syramore-Forbes, known as Flame, is a student with a talent for designing jewelry. She is introduced to jewelry boss Reece Dexter and finds him arrogant. She is also wildly attracted to him. Then she discovers her mother is marrying Reece’s father.In England, Flame meets her long-lost twin brother Justin. He thinks she’s come to claim her share of the family fortune and isn’t very happy.Flame and Justin’s father recently died in mysterious circumstances and suspicion falls on Justin.There are so many twists and turns as everything that can get in the way of love does, and threatens the free-spirited Flame. Will she pay the ultimate price for love?Intrigue, passion, and a burning desire, in a family full of secrets


  • billionaire
  • stepfather
  • secrets
  • Romance


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