Oxford Enemy (Great Reads Book 4)


Oxford Enemy (Great Reads Book 4)

Length: 10hrs 39mins 17 episodesCompleted
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An utterly gripping novel full of intrigue and romanceFaith Martin is the author of the beloved Hillary Greene series. Her books have sold over two million copies. Now discover her writing as Maxine Barry.Please note this book was first published as Dear Enemy.People say she married for money… and the family will do anything to stop her inheriting a fortune.Keira Westcombe, aka Lady Penda, marries Lucas Harwood, a man fifty years her senior. They’re not in love but they are firm friends and their marriage makes sense for them.When Lucas’s step-son Fane turns up, he and Keira are instantly attracted to each other. But Fane thinks Keira is a gold-digger and neither are willing to admit their true feelings.In a family full of secrets, love can spell danger.Now Keira has made a very dangerous enemy who will cheat, steal, and lie to keep her out of the will.She’s in danger of losing not only the man she married but everything she’s ever cared about.


  • age gap
  • stepbrother
  • stepmother
  • Romance


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