Lying Game (Great Reads Book 1)


Lying Game (Great Reads Book 1)

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Romance, jealousy, and murder from the internationally bestselling author Faith Martin, writing as Maxine BarryShe served her time, now she wants to find the real killerOriana Foster spent thirteen years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit.Now she’s out and returns to her home village in Oxfordshire. She has one goal: to find the real killer of Rollo Seton.While inside, a mysterious benefactor has put £2 million in trust for her. She uses the money to buy the Manor House in Nether Dene, the tiny village she grew up in.The village doesn’t want her back.She hires Connor O’Dell, a good-looking bodyguard. He’s there in case things get rough. But it’s Lowell Seton, the younger brother of Rollo and the love of Oriana’s life, who quickly becomes the greatest danger … to her heart.And when Connor falls for Mercedes Seton, Oriana’s former best friend, things threaten to totally fall apart.The real killer will strike again to protect their secrets.Don’t miss this gripping and enjoyable romantic suspense novel perfect for fans of Danielle Steele, Josephine Cox, Nora Roberts, or Jackie Collins.


  • murder
  • bodyguard
  • Romance


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