Circus Pig and the Kaiser


Circus Pig and the Kaiser

Length: 09hrs 37mins 47 episodesCompleted
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A Russian circus in trouble. An animal trainer in love. Can the ensemble survive an international scandal?Russia, 1907. Vladimir Durov has a prized pig he has trained for the circus. Dorov loves to make people laugh at his pig’s crazy antics. But he finds that when his pig performs for the recently widowed circus owner, Natasha, the most he can get is a smile. Desperate to capture her heart, the rough-hewn trainer comes up with a dangerous scheme to impress the woman he has come to love.As the circus travels to Germany in pursuit of more paying customers, Durov decides to dress his prized pig as the war-mongering Kaiser himself. The Kaiser’s faithful dragoon is not amused. He warns Durov that if he goes ahead with his outlandish satirical taunt, prison will be the result.The dilemma that confronts Durov is whether his, yes, pig-headed and hilarious spectacle could backfire or, on the other hand, bring him fame, fortune … and a woman’s heart. It’s a big decision facing man and pig.


  • Romance


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