Tern Schooner


Tern Schooner

Length: 13hrs 09mins 32 episodesCompleted
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Devastated by the loss of his family, Gideon Markham has retreated to his ship and the life of the sea. Heir to a privateering tradition, he brings his schooner into the Gulf of Mexico to wage unremitting war on the British who threaten America’s freedom.But the puritanical Gideon finds the Gulf a strange and threatening place, and soon he must face Jean Laffite’s pirates, a mutiny, an attack by Red Stick Creeks, and a British invasion … none of which he finds as baffling and alarming as Maria-Anna Johnson de Marquez, an attractive widow who gambles at cards, brandishes a pair of pistols, and plans to lead an expedition into the heart of enemy territory, with Gideon as her guide and pawn.Originally published as The Yankee, this is one of the action-packed historical novels with which Walter Jon Williams began his career.


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