The Alpha Rejected Me Again


The Alpha Rejected Me Again

Length: 23hrs 29mins 119 episodesCompleted
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After being rejected by her own mate, Zander, Vittoria found herself held captive by none other than her mate's father, Alpha Dominic. Beaten and broken hearted, she almost lost her hope to survive but Luna Myeisha, Zander's mother helped her to escape. She told her the truth behind Zander's rejection. He only rejected her to protect her from his own father. They were able to get out of the dungeons and run into the forest but the Alpha caught up to them. The Luna tried to save her, sacrificing her own life to protect her but it was all futile. Raging mad with his mate's demise, Alpha Dominic blamed Vittoria and killed her in a fit of rage. What she thought was her end, turned out to be just the beginning when she mysteriously found herself brought back in time when everything started. Now that she was equipped with the knowledge of what will happen in the future, will she be able to save herself? Will she be able to make her mate accept her? Or just like in the past, will he choose to reject her again? #DreameLoveStoryContest #DreameWritingMarathon-lovestorycontest #SummerUpdateProgramme


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • mate
  • dare to love and hate
  • omega
  • twisted
  • rejected
  • rebirth/reborn


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