Falling in love with the Popular Playboy


Falling in love with the Popular Playboy

Length: 11hrs 34mins 67 episodesCompleted
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After coming homing from Summer Soccer Camp, Aiden Richmond found out his girlfriend Everton high queen bee Meghan Bloom is cheating on him with one of his closest friends. After finding out such news Aiden broke up with Meghan and decide to go back to his playboy personality. What happens when he crosses path with Alexis Suarez?? His crush. They one girl that doesn't drool over him and his friends. Will she open up to him about her past? Will they fall in love?? Is Aiden willing to do whatever it takes to be Alexis boyfriend?


  • friends to lovers
  • playboy
  • badboy
  • others
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • highschool
  • abuse
  • cheating
  • Romance


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