Opposite's Attract with the Millionaire


Opposite's Attract with the Millionaire

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*** Previously known as When two worlds collide*** Winter and Carlos come from two different worlds...Winter has hard life, been on her own since she was sixteen, scared to love...scared to trust and tells herself she does not need anyone...she does not need saving and then he appears... Carlos has had a perfect life since he was born...family, wealth, love and with a heart so big Winter isn't sure if he is real. From the moment they met they couldn't get each other out of theirs heads, thought they would never meet again and then one night they do...one night that changes both their life's forever but could it work coming from two different worlds? What happens when these two worlds collide? Can they survive the differences or will that be what pulled them apart? **** Extract "Cause I don't need you thinking I need saving that is why." I said shaking my head "We all need saving sometime." He whispered stroking my cheek I sighed under his touch before pulling away from him "Well I don't OK? Thank You for what you done but I do not need anyone." I replied "I think that is a lie. You are just scared to need anyone." He said


  • opposites attract
  • second chance
  • friends to lovers
  • kinky
  • sensitive
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • Romance


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