My Boss Is My Son's Dad


My Boss Is My Son's Dad

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"Sky" I silently cursed myself as I bit my lip. "I mean, Sir." Like an idiot he was, he just hugged me even tighter and then he dropped his head on my shoulder. "I'll like it better if you'll call me Theo." My breath got caught in my throat. Why did it squeeze my heart when he said that? I blinked and took a shaky breath. "Can you...can you please let go of me now?" "Why? So you can leave again? I don't want to." Why was his voice so painful to my ears? It was too much. He was breaking my heart. "Please?"My eyes pricked with tears. He didn't say anything. I hated it. The silence. The atmosphere. Him. They were choking me and the situation made me angry. "I-I need to work now." "The boss is here." *** Tough and brave, SAPPHIRE COLLINS never backs down from any challenges in life. She is smart but stupid enough for falling in love with a playboy named Sky Theo Butler. SKY BUTLER has almost everything— fortune, luxury, fame and women. He is rich, the CEO of Butler Enterprises, Inc. a professional Formula One racer, intelligent and devilishly handsome, but an ultimate Casanova. Who might have known that the Casanova has a heart too? How will Sky react when he finds out that he has a baby?


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • fated
  • playboy
  • CEO
  • boss
  • drama
  • bxg
  • offifice/work place
  • enimies to lovers
  • Forbidden
  • Romance


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