His, Forever


His, Forever

Length: 04hrs 59mins 25 episodesCompleted
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A mate is something every werewolf looks forward to having. They want to be loved, treasured and safe, but what if the one thing you need protecting from is your mate? _________ Olivia Carson lost the one thing she thought she could count on having forever. Her family. Now she finds herself holding out hope for finding the next best thing. Her mate. All she wanted was endless love but instead, the moon goddess granted her the eternal hatred. Her mate, Alexander Mason the alpha of the Red Moon pack, grew up believing that mates are a weakness. The moment he meets Olivia, he finds himself instantly drawn to her but refuses to admit it to himself. He will do anything to ensure she suffers and is miserable. However, can they both deny the mate bond? _________ He actually wanted me gone. My mate, the one person who is meant to love me more than anything, wants to kill me, torture me and hurt me. Mustering all the courage I had left, I said the ten words that would forever haunt me. "I, Olivia Carson, reject you Alexander Mason, as my mate!"


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • sex
  • kidnap
  • forced
  • pregnant
  • luna
  • drama
  • werewolves


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