The Alpha's Dark Revenge


The Alpha's Dark Revenge

Length: 10hrs 59mins 84 episodesOngoing
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A dark tale of two shattered souls, bound together by vengeance, reunited in love. Her eyes widened. Even in the dark, I could see the fear in her eyes. As she opened her mouth to let out a scream, I grabbed her roughly, clapping a hand tightly over her mouth. Not too long after we got to the car, I shifted into my human form, nude. Then I blind folded her with a small piece of cloth, her struggling body making contact with me down below. Instant arousal surged through me, hardening my c**k but I ignored the urge. I wanted to complete the task....


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • fated
  • pregnant
  • dominant
  • werewolves


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