Gift For A Demon


Gift For A Demon

Length: 21hrs 36mins 97 episodesCompleted
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COMPLETED Evangeline has lived her entire life in an unknowing lie, eventually finding out the truth and being warned to never reveal herself to anyone. When she is sold to a succubus and given as a gift to a Demon, she must continue living that lie now more than ever. Grant Roberts is a well known Demon and CEO of the most successful company in the “Contracts District”. He keeps his family legacy afloat by being absolutely ruthless. The last thing he was expecting was to fall for his young housemaid. An unwanted gift that was given to him. There is so much more going on than meets the eye. Evangeline is now at the center of a jealous succubus’s game of cat and mouse. Contracts will be made, lies will become heavy burdens, and unwanted secrets will be revealed. Billionaire Romantic-Suspense *** What is it that draws him in to her? Is it her timidness towards him? Most women try to throw themselves at him, especially if they know who he is. Even if they don’t though, they are usually willing to break the rules and try their luck. Hmm.. Maybe this young woman can be coaxed out of her quiet state. “So you’re the one that must be making all those little treats I keep finding in the fridge?” He says in a questioning voice. “Yes, Sir.” “Good. I like them and I think you have a real talent in the kitchen.” Grant notices a shift in her stance at his compliment. “Do you have prior experience in fine dining?” “No, Sir. Thank you, but it’s nothing really..” Eve says as she feels her cheeks starting to heat up. She hates that she is blushing right now, giving away some unknown feeling that she can’t even pinpoint. Also, she can’t understand why he is acting so kind towards her. But she tries to keep her guard up, at any moment he could decide to put his hands on her. Of course, she can’t help but think if she knew him better how much she might actually enjoy it. No.. Why is she thinking like that? Her cheeks flush even more and then she feels herself grow rigid. The fact is, she doesn’t know this man. This man has sex with that.. That succubus and Eve is learning just how cruel the beautiful creature really is. “Don’t be so modest. I only give compliments when they are deserved.” Grant looks down at her and smiles to himself. This pretty little thing is too innocent for him. “Keep up the good work and keep those little desserts coming. I get a real sweet tooth in the evening.”


  • dark
  • possessive
  • mate
  • maid
  • bxg
  • demon
  • city
  • supernatural
  • poor to rich
  • love at the first sight
  • Romance


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