The Princess and the Soldier


The Princess and the Soldier

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Chasing Her Apollo. Sequel to the grand winner of Hidden Gems of Dreame first ever contest ‘My Royal Best Friend’. Jeraldine Alya, the stunning, stubborn princess of the Royal Kingdom of Solandia. Leo, the gorgeous and smart soldier. Best friends since childhood, separated for five years because of misunderstanding. After they have reunited, both of them had admitted their teenage love for each other. Our princess would want to rebuild their friendship and work on leveling up their relationship. However, even with the blessing of the royal family, Leo can’t commit to Alya. He thinks he is not worthy of Alya’s power and wealth. Who is he, anyway? He is nothing but a common soldier. Doing everything she can with everything that she has, can the princess get the man she loves? Read on the story of how Alya chases Leo and how, even with completely different status in life, two people in love can be together. ===================================================== “My princess…” I could not see the face but it was a voice that I knew. I could feel his breath against my ear. In a second, he was already nipping at my neck. His licking and sucking brought shivers throughout my body. It seemed like we were both naked as I felt his skin against my skin. His hands were everywhere, one was already groping my breast. “Ohhh…” I could hear myself moan. His mouth traveled down to the valley between my breasts before moving to a nipple. He sucked it and he sucked hard while my other breast was still being squeezed in my contentment. He switched to my other nipple and gave it the same attention. “Uhmmmmnnnn…just fuck me already!” I was desperate for a release. However, instead of going down my pussy or aligning his cock on my entrance, he came up to whisper again in my ear. “Soon, my princess. Soon.”


  • sex
  • friends to lovers
  • powerful
  • princess
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • soldier
  • royal
  • childhood crush
  • friendship
  • Romance


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