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# Fall for a Billionaire Patrick Warner, the perfect billionaire bachelor, a playboy with a new girl in his bed every night was forced to marry Sara White, A promising CEO with a prosperous future because her father wanted a male heir instead of Sara. She was far better than Patrick in every way but was forced to accept him as her husband just because she was a woman. She tried hard to make her marriage with Patrick work but Patrick was determined to make her life hell because he was not happy with this arrangement. In spite of attracted towards Sara due her innocence and pure heart that he missed in those girls lurking around him. What happened when Sara finally goes out of his life as silently as she entered? What happened to Sara when she disappeared suddenly from everyone’s life? What happened to Patrick when he finally noticed that he has lost Sara forever? Stay with them in their journey of hatred, love, passion.


  • contract marriage
  • playboy
  • arrogant
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • brilliant
  • realistic earth
  • gorgeous
  • naive
  • Romance


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