Rough and Ready


Rough and Ready

Length: 05hrs 20mins 30 episodesCompleted
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When a rough-edged bad boy takes on a straight-laced college professor, can they both win the fight of their life?Reed Johnson grew up on the streets rough and ready with his fists to survive. These days, all his fighting now is done in the ring. With the Outlaw as his coach, he’s way more than a cowboy. That was enough for him—until he meets his new neighbor.Harper Reed is running from a dangerous past, but no matter how hard she tries, it follows. This time, she’s not alone. She runs right into the arms of Reed. She is his now. His to protect. His to save. To do so, he’ll have to return to the life he’s left behind. But the brainy PhD is worth the fight and with her, he’ll be ready for anything. Even something he never thought he deserved. Love.


  • Romance


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