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I like to think I’m a practical person.Car stop working? Thank God for mechanic boyfriends.Goldfish floating upside down? Well, I clearly shouldn’t have a fish.Irrefutably attracted to one of my new roommates? I’ve lost my mind, obviously.Did I mention my roommate is also a female? As well as the reason I’m in this house?When I got my dream job at a Los Angeles hospital over six hundred miles away from home, I didn’t hesitate when another perfect offer fell into my lap.Large house. Four other girls my age—one of whom is on the shift I’m coming into. Room for rent at a crazy low price.Yes, please.Except, now she’s in every part of my life, and I can’t keep telling myself I’m losing my mind.Because her slow smirks and mesmerizing laugh make me want her in ways I shouldn’t. Her soft touches and earth-shattering kisses have me questioning everything I thought I knew.And now, my heart’s getting tangled up in this too.


  • Romance


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