Lie to Me


Lie to Me

Length: 13hrs 52mins 47 episodesCompleted
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If my childhood taught me anything, it was to survive. Now I have a deep-rooted mistrust of people and a wall of steel and ice surrounding my heart.So, when Reed Ryan steps into my life, I know I need to keep him far away. He’s everything I grew up hating. Fighting. Fleeing. Devastatingly handsome, he looks like a drunken regret and has heartbreak written over every inch of his body—literally. He’s the quintessential bad boy … and he’s a cop.But the man is my undoing. When I push, he stands firm. When I fight, he battles for us. When he touches me, my traitorous body and heart respond.Little does Reed know, every lie I feed him is laced with truth. I have demons that refuse to let me go. Now one of them is threatening to destroy us both.


  • Romance


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