Graham Saga, Books 1–3


Graham Saga, Books 1–3

Length: 36hrs 50mins 121 episodesCompleted
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On a muggy August day in 2001, Alexandra Lind was unexpectedly thrown backwards in time, landing in the year of Our Lord 1658. Catapulted into an unfamiliar and frightening new existence, Alex could do nothing but adapt. After all, while time-traveling in itself is a most rare occurrence, time-traveling with a return ticket is even rarer.Fortunately for Alex, she lands at the feet of Matthew Graham. No woman could ask for a better guide or protector in this strange new world of hers. Unfortunately, Matthew comes with baggage of his own, and soon enough it will be her protecting him, just as much as he defends her.This boxed set includes the first three books in the Graham Saga—all the way from how Alex first met Matthew, to their adventures in Colonial Virginia and back to a Scotland torn apart by religious conflicts and English dragoons.


  • Romance


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