The Alpha's Forbidden Bride ( Book 2 of Alpha Prince's Bride Series)


The Alpha's Forbidden Bride ( Book 2 of Alpha Prince's Bride Series)

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Book 2 to 'The Alpha Prince and His Bride' "Say you're mine … tell me you're mine not his ." James growled possessively against my ear . I gasped as he pushed a finger into my wet folds . "I-I can't ." I managed to gasp out . "I'll fucking have you Eden … If I have to destroy the entire council to have you I fucking will ." …………………………………….. Alpha Prince James Lance Vinci always knew that the day his mate entered his life it would turn completely upside down , with her being the one woman he planned on worshipping till his last breath . What he never expected was that she wouldn't belong to him , that she would belong to the Black Council and was already promised to another Alpha . Despite the possibility of losing everything he'd once had , he didn't care for all he was determined on getting was his mate and he planned on claiming her as his own even if he had to do it on his dying breath . Eden Cross never had an easy life , after her parents had no choice but to join the dangerous Black Council , her life had been anything but easy . She always knew that she belonged to the Council and that she would have to marry the man that they chose for her . As such she never wished to meet her mate but fate had other things in store for her , for she did meet him and he just happened to be one of the most powerful Alpha's that ever walked the Earth . The Alpha Prince And His Bride Book 2 (Stand Alone Novel)


  • Paranormal
  • possessive
  • arranged marriage
  • dominant
  • powerful
  • prince
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Forbidden


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