Reins & Ribbons(Lenox Ranch Cowboys Book 3)


Reins & Ribbons(Lenox Ranch Cowboys Book 3)

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Garrison’s been patient long enough. It’s time to win his bride.Dahlia Lenox is tired of the rules and restrictions of ranch life. The poker table is her domain and the only place she yields to no one. The biggest win of her life—a prize that could free her from her small town—is calling, and she can’t wait to claim the prize. But taking the next stagecoach west means leaving the only man who ever made her ache to be his, the ever handsome Garrison Lee. Surrendering to him is not an option.Garrison’s been patient. He’s been courteous. And he’s been a damn gentleman. All that’s gotten him is a brush off from Dahlia each of the three times he’s proposed. When Dahlia risks everything to escape him forever, Garrison raises the stakes in a single hand of poker … winner to take all.Don’t miss the third book in the Lenox Ranch Cowboys series with a daring heroine and obsessed alpha cowboy determined to make her his.


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