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Gus wasn’t just my president. He was the father I never had. He was steadfast and strong. I looked up to him and trusted him without question. I’d never seen the man show a single sign of uncertainty until the day August James showed up at the Satan’s Fury clubhouse. None of us knew why the beautiful brunette had come knocking at our door, but it was clear that her arrival had caught Gus by surprise.We’d soon discover that August was in need of help—the kind of help only a man like Gus could give. When he didn’t turn her away, it became my job to watch over and protect her. I tried to keep my distance, but she drew me in with her soulful, dark eyes and sultry curves. I wanted to make her mine, but August had secrets—secrets she didn’t even know she had. In our world, there are some lines you just don’t cross, but for her, I was willing to cross them all.


  • Romance


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