Bonded by Two(Kindred Tales #41)


Bonded by Two(Kindred Tales #41)

Length: 07hrs 29mins 46 episodesCompleted
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Two Pitch-Blood Kindred warriors on the brink of deathWhen Lexi rescues Bound and Gaze will she allow herself to be…Bonded by Two?Lexi doesn’t know if she can handle a huge Kindred warrior who needs blood to survive…let alone TWO of them! But that’s what she gets when she finds Earth Bound and Star Gazer for sale at the Down Market bodyslave bazaar. Gaze and Bound are Pitch-Blood Kindred and they’re about to die from lack of blood. Unable to ignore their suffering, Lexi buys them and gives them a drink…but now what does she do with them?Gaze and Bound have been looking for the perfect female all their lives. When Lexi shows up and rescues them, they fall in love with the curvy Elite with the creamy brown skin at once. Unfortunately, their new Mistress comes from Zetta Prime—a planet where males and females don’t mix. The idea of bonding with the two of them is completely alien to her.But the pull of instant attraction is strong between the three of them. Did they form a partial bond when Lexi gave the two big warriors her blood at the same time? And will she realize that she loves them before it’s too late? Because whether Lexi wants to admit it or not, she needs protection right now. A cruel Mistress and her evil vat-grown creation are stalking her and only Bound and Gaze can protect her.Will she allow herself to be…Bonded by Two?


  • love-triangle
  • warrior
  • alien contact
  • Romance


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