Saved by the Beast(Kindred Tales #39)


Saved by the Beast(Kindred Tales #39)

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A warrior who thinks he’s too old to find loveA desperate woman with a dark pastCan Makenna be…Saved by the Beast?Are you ever too old for love? Bard, a Beast Kindred, thinks he is. He lost his wife twenty years ago when he was just a young warrior and he’s never looked at another female since. But when he sees a young woman being sold to a disgusting Trollox on Passion Prime, he has to rescue her from her horrible fate.Makenna knows she barely escaped, but even safe aboard the Mother Ship with Bard, she is still in danger. She’s about to undergo her first “ripening”—a period of intense sexual need that can lead to death if she has no male to help her. Naturally, she wants Bard to be that male—she knows the moment she meets him that he is the one for her.Unfortunately, the big Beast Kindred has other ideas. Though he longs for the curvy little female, he pushes Makenna away, certain that he’s too old for her. But when he pushes her too far, the Trollox she was promised to is ready to snatch her back. Now a battle of life and death is being played in the lush, blue jungles of Rageron, the Beast Kindred home world.Will Bard get to Makenna in time? Read, Saved by the Beast to find out!Trigger Warning: Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse may find parts of this book disturbing due to the heroine’s backstory. I try to keep these details in the background and not dwell on them, but I wanted to warn you just in case. Please read responsibly!


  • Paranormal
  • fated
  • warrior
  • alien contact


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