Cave Men(The First Mountain Man Book 4)


Cave Men(The First Mountain Man Book 4)

Length: 02hrs 24mins 21 episodesCompleted
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I thought maybe she’d been kidnapped, hurt, lost – I never imagined time travel.When I slide into a prehistoric lagoon, I know she must be here. Somewhere.But I’m not alone in this jungle.The moment I step onto dry land, it’s not a wild animal I’m facing off.It’s two primal, feral, filthy, dirty men.It’s not that they need a shower. No. These men need something else.I can see it in their eyes.Feel it in their touch.There’s only one thing these cave men want.And it’s me.Dear Reader,Storm and Carnage have been waiting a long time for Summer.Now that she’s come, maybe she’ll want to stay awhile.Who could blame her? She’s found herself two growly ass men with one thing on their mind: forever.Xo, Frankie


  • love-triangle
  • kidnap
  • time-travel
  • friends to lovers
  • bxg
  • Romance


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