Healing Her Patient(Kindred Tales #33)


Healing Her Patient(Kindred Tales #33)

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A woman who struggles with infertility has given up on finding loveA warrior who thinks he will never be able to bond a brideThrown together on a mission where they must pretend to be Joined MatesWill their lie become a reality?Dr. Danielle Adams isn't looking for love. Health issues have rendered her unable to have kids and she has given up on finding a relationship. Instead, she's focusing her energy on her career as a Medical Anthropologist. She's excited for her next assignment--going to study a new group of humanoids with their own special brand of medicine. But when she receives an ancient love artifact that supposedly grants wishes about love, passion, and fertility, she can't help making a few wishes of her own. Not that they'll ever come true...Commander Bravik is a Hybrid Kindred--half Blood, half Beast and all business. He's also the Diplomat in charge of the first cultural visit to Soluu Four, home of the H'raken people. Rumors that they have incredible healing techniques that don't rely on medical technology have piqued the High Council's interest, so they are sending Bravik and a human woman he barely knows--Dr. Danielle Adams--to investigate. Everything is going well until they arrive on Soluu Four and find out they are expected to bring a mate. In order to avoid offending their hosts and ruining the mission, Danni pretends to be Bravick's bride. But to her surprise, the healing techniques she has come to study turn out to be sexual in nature. When her "husband," Bravik, is injured on the strange little planet, she is called upon to put her new skills to the test. Things are getting hot and heavy--can it be that Danni's wishes will come true after all?You'll have to read Healing her Patient to find out.


  • warrior
  • alien contact
  • Romance


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