Luna Kiara


Luna Kiara

Length: 13hrs 26mins 55 episodesCompleted
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Kiara's life took a unexpected turn when she walked home to find her husband cheating. Not only that. She realised that they had been using her the entire time. Angered, she acted on impulse and commited a grave mistake. So she ran away, never to return.  However, fate had other plans for her. She was captured, chained, and assaulted by a group of gangsters. They forced her into submission, but she revolted, resulting in being rebuked. Until she was saved by a mysterious person. A person who was way stronger than a normal human. A person who could make her knees weak and heart flutter with a simple touch. Who was he? And why does he keep calling her his mate?


  • Paranormal
  • revenge
  • fated
  • brave
  • bxg
  • kicking
  • werewolves
  • betrayal
  • cheating
  • supernatural


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