Eudora's Gift


Eudora's Gift

Length: 07hrs 00mins 39 episodesCompleted
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Eudora has been living with her abusive, alcoholic uncle for as long as she can remember. She is bullied at school and rejected in the community. She is a straight A student, hope to go to university and find a job somewhere far away from where she lives. Jericho has been anxious about finding his mate. In his dream, his Luna was never more than a shadowy figure moving, always just out of sight, always disappearing. Her weeping tore him up. He decided to apply for a position as a high school English teacher to help him find his Luna more easily. “My love! Don’t fear! I am coming!” Can Jericho find Eudora among so many girls students? Will Eudora’s uncle allow her to leave?


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • fated
  • mate
  • sensitive
  • powerful
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • special ability
  • lonely


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