Sold To The Dominant Mafia


Sold To The Dominant Mafia

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What happens when you fall in love with your death? "I love the fire in your eyes," He murmured. "You are indeed what I hoped you would be," "You are wrong," I hissed, gritting my teeth. "I am everything you can't imagine in your wildest dream...whoever the hell you are," Holding my burning gaze with his molten ones, he smiled inching so close to me that I had no option but to hold my breath and try not to let the suffocation and panic that flooded through me take over my mind. "That's even better," He said, trailing his index finger down my cheek. A shiver ran down my spine at the contact and I gulped, breathing faster than I normally do. "I love a good challenge any day. I am Leonardo by the way... don Leonardo Ammassari," ____________________________ Stuck in the world that took everything away from her, Amara Rossi's life had only one meaning: Revenge. She wanted him dead, whatever the cost of it might be. Bearing the responsibilities of the strongest Mafia family since he was sixteen, Leo Ammassari had no guilt of who he was or what he did...except for one. Now bestowed with the responsibility to provide the family with an heir, Leo is forced to resort to a way that will save him from matrimony but...end up costing everything else including his heart. About to be burned by the fire of hate but also evoking the embers of all-consuming passion and feelings that they never felt before as Amara meets Leo, one the fire other being the ice, two families and an entire foundation are about to get shook in the deadliest way imaginable. Lies and betrayal, hate, loss and love...will a story written in blood manage to find its happy ending? Read ahead in this steamy, passionate, thrilling mafia romance to find out... Cover Courtesy: Pinterest


  • HE
  • opposites attract
  • dominant
  • CEO
  • boss
  • maffia
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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