Warming the Billionaire’s Bed


Warming the Billionaire’s Bed

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#Dreame Writing Marathon--Love Story Contest #Summer Update Program "Thank you for keeping my bed warm. I don't require your assistance any longer. I'll see you around," Those words rang in my head again and again as I walked towards the bridge. Instead of my college application letter, my hand clutched the ultrasound photo I planned to give him on that day. Kyle had ruined my life. He took advantage of me. He destroyed my future, spirit, and one and only wish to be loved. My eyes were blurry, my heart was in pain, and all I could say was sorry to the beating and living hearts inside me. I was young and desperate, believing this was the only way to escape the doom Kyle set in my life. I sniffled while wiping my tears with the cuff of my sleeves, “Goodbye and sorry,” muttering with a heavy heart before jumping off the bridge. ~ Elisha, at nineteen, life is never easy. She is her father's mistake—a love child he had outside his marriage. After her father's death, she endures all of her stepmother’s hatred, depriving her of the beautiful life she deserves. Kyle, a billionaire and the CEO of the largest pharmaceutical industry in New Jersey, finds Elisha in her most vulnerable state. An opportunity he saw to avenge the dreams Elisha’s brother had destroyed. Elisha takes a leap and believes in Kyle’s sweet words. Kyle abandons his fiancé to fulfill his promise to make Elisha suffer. Between life and death, love prospers, but it seems too late anymore. Will the two get a chance to be in each other arms again?


  • billionaire
  • escape while being pregnant
  • age gap
  • playboy
  • student
  • drama
  • bxg
  • city
  • betrayal
  • virgin
  • Romance


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