Little Ruby Red


Little Ruby Red

Length: 26hrs 21mins 130 episodesCompleted
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Spoiled Alpha's son, Caleb Grant, is shocked to discover his fated mate roaming lost and alone in the forest. She's human, and she's still a child. Confused and disappointed, Caleb is compelled to protect the vulnerable human, who assumes he's nothing more than a regular wolf. In this tale of fantasy and adventure, Caleb learns to appreciate that soulmates can be friends before they can become lovers, leading a double life as Alpha to the Lakewood pack, and Ruby's beloved pet, Storm. Tragedy forces them apart, and as Ruby reaches her 18th birthday, the time has come for Caleb to reveal his secret. Will Ruby accept the man as she did the wolf, or is their love doomed to fail?


  • Y&A Teenfiction


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