Her Possessive Heartbreaker


Her Possessive Heartbreaker

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"Try and make some friends Riley." I hear my parents say as I exit the car after being dropped off in front of the new HS that I was dragged to. I watch as they drive off, knowing damn well that this move will be my ruin. Courtesy of dads new job, we had to up and leave and come to Nowheresville. Yay! (Cue the sarcasm.) Some sh!t is just easier said than done. Am I right? I categorize myself as unsocial, probably unlikeable, surely unapproachable, and just plain don't give a f!ckable. That's how I view myself. I eventually come to realize that I was sorely mistaken. Until, I met HIM. Tommy Mathers. My person. My savior. My inevitable ruin. When life throws us both a curveball he lays it all on the line to me. I either tell him to stay or leave and never come back. I leave. I remove myself from his life and come to regret it. He wanted me. Why couldn't I tell him not to leave? Oh, that's right. Because he was doing something to better his future and I couldn't bring myself to be the obstacle in his life. Jump forward to beginning of sophomore year, sh!t really does hit the fan. He is a totally changed person from the boy who befriended me the year before. New friends. New entourage. Life without me. I begin to mend the broken pieces of my heart, willing to move on, only, that isn't going over to well with him. If he can't have me, NOBODY can.


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