Hybrid Queen and Her Twin Mates


Hybrid Queen and Her Twin Mates

Length: 11hrs 57mins 91 episodesCompleted
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Alexia Mathews is the next Queen of werewolves. She is twenty years old and is beautiful and kind. She stands 5'8" and has long black hair. She is not stick thin but has curves in all the right places. There is something special about her because she isn't just a werewolf but a hybrid. Her father is a high ranking vampire. She has yet to find her mates and is willing to become Queen without one. Her mother has other ideas and insists she needs a man to rule by her side. Will she prove her mother wrong or find the mate that can be her other half. Maverick and Maddock are the top warriors of the Crimson Pack but what their parents don't know is they have met their so called mate and been rejected. They are identical twins and built like Alpha males despite their rank. Both 6'3" and hot or so they have been told by many females. Despite their desire to have a mate both have made a pack to focus on being the best warriors and making their parents proud.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • queen
  • drama
  • bxg
  • royal


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