Chasing The Bad Girl


Chasing The Bad Girl

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Beka will rather give up on life in itself. But because of the hate she bears for those who had destroyed her life, stolen her identity and everything she owned she would keep fighting to get it back. To achieve that she decides to build back all that was lost and applies for a scholarship to an aristocratic school. All she wants to do is avoid High School drama and graduate with good grades that will help her get into an elite college. But when the new hot guy at her work place turns out to be the literal King of her new school and is obviously after her, her life becomes anything but lowkey........ **************** I couldn’t stop looking into his eyes, watching all of those emotions run through those aquamarine orbs. “Jordyn,” I whispered, my eyes roaming his face unsurely. “You know this changes everything” “I do.” He acknowledged, inching nearer. “Once we start, there’s no turning back” he leaned his forehead against mine. “You’re going to be all mine. No other Boys” he said possessively. He wasn’t going to let me go. If we kissed this night, we would kiss tomorrow. I couldn’t wake up tomorrow and tell him that this was a mistake. I shut my eyes as his breath fanned my lips. Was I sure about this? “I’m crazy about you. Ever since the day I saw you at Ally’s cafe” he whispered. My eyes fluttered open in shock. “Y-you are?” “I’ll show you,” he muttered before planting his lips on mine.


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