His Hybrid Slave Mate


His Hybrid Slave Mate

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Theme-Dare to be a teen 1. Meet my hybrid girl . "Will you be my girlfriend, Emily?" the new guy in school, Casper Hilton, kneeled down across from her with a beaming diamond ring in his hand. But Emily's eyes widened as a quiver of trepidation ran down her spine, feeling dizzy since this was unanticipated. She was aware that he was watching. She knew he was fuming in anger. She can listen to his grinding teeth and the fisting of his fingers— Alas, she had no guts to move away; not that she wanted to do it either as she recalled his words from their previous conversation. 'He said I am nothing more than a slave to him and he doesn't care about me. He shouldn't mind it if I dated another guy as I am just a slave mate.' She thought before bringing her eyes to smile down at Casper. Emily prepared herself to answer in a yes when a rough hand grabbed her nape and cold rough lips crashed down on hers, taking her breaths away. ~~~ Emily Wilson turned eighteen recently. She was delighted to know she was a hybrid— the strongest wolf in the pack. But unlike other she-wolves who happen to have a lovely, happy-to-go life after meeting their mate and wolf, she was introduced to a life she had never ever dreamed of. She was rejected. Accused of her best friend's murder. Bothered. When she thought it was going to end soon— Jayden Harris, her best friend's mate, claimed her as his slave mate. He said that he didn't care about her. He said he marked her just to hurt her. He said she was the last she-wolf he would ever fall for. Will Emily ever be able escape his twisted traps? Will she ever perceive his crazy games he was playing with her? Or... Is there another story towards his varying behavior she doesn't know about?


  • Y&A Teenfiction


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