Mayor as My Mate (Boyxboy) (English)


Mayor as My Mate (Boyxboy) (English)

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Being an Omega in a pack of werewolves is very rare. There is an extremely rare chance of being an Omega with white fur. But unique doesn't mean special. Because people believe that omega with that kind of color is cursed, they are often called an omen, and they are the curse creatures made by Luna. To say that Theodore, born with a particular case of being a white omega in their pack, acquiring all the insult and hardship he could gain, as he realizes that he is so different from the others. Theo was blamed for the tragic war between their pack and the rogues. It happened when he was so young, and many werewolves died because of that war. Members believe that the tragedy occurred because of the bad omen. Finally, at the age of 18, he is officially kicked on their pack. He left Zidian forest with fear and some wishes that his life will be better now, way better. He traveled towards the furthest city he can live, where ordinary people inhabit, where it is far away from his past, where he can restart his life again. He gains friends and new life, and it is so good for Theo that he can feel he belongs somewhere. He thought that finally, he could live his life normally. He was making his secrets stay in a deep slumber. Not until the day he finds a job and found himself drowning with the intoxicating scents of lemon and mint is also the day he found out that his mate is no other than the mayor of the city, Marcus Smith David.


  • Paranormal
  • billionaire
  • bxb
  • werewolves


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