It's Always You


It's Always You

Length: 16hrs 15mins 44 episodesCompleted
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Due to her rough past experience, Alana desperately tries to save her best friend Mia from heartbreaks when she is attracted to the smart and devilishly handsome Zayn. Trying to stand tall as a wall between Zayn and Mia, she begins to crumble brick by brick when Zayn begins to seep through the thick walls of her heart. He sees past her scars and nurses her wounds. Alana struggles to keep away from him for the sake of her friendship but finds it impossible. Soon she finds herself falling incredibly hard for Zayn for reasons she herself doesn’t know. In the process, she keeps layers of secrets from Mia. Alana is pulled into a heap of troubles, betrayal and heartbreaks when her best friend finds about their relationship and tries to recover from it. *** All of a sudden Alana felt like her legs grew weak and looked absolutely tongue-tied. Just then she heard Zayn’s voice behind her, “Babe, who is it at the doo..” He stopped shut when he came out of the room to see Alana’s friends, staring at her as if they were going to kill her. “Mia..” Alana whispered when she finally found her voice back. “I can explain..” “What do you want to explain? That you are screwing the guy I love, behind my back?” Mia seethed furiously. “Mia I know you are mad at me right now but please listen first..” Alana tried to pull Mia and Audrey inside the house but Mia jerked her hands off her. “I didn’t believe when Tanya told me about you but you turned out to be a complete bitch. I came here fearing for your safety and this is what I get in return? How could you do this to me? Huh? Tell me..” Her voice was an octave high.


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