The Heartless Alpha Lycan


The Heartless Alpha Lycan

Length: 11hrs 13mins 61 episodesCompleted
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5 Dec 2020 to 25 June 2021 "Leave me." She was looking in the boy's eyes with terror. "I said, Leave my hand." Sarah was shocked. "Why did you think that you can get away from me so easily?" He growled with rage-filled eyes, his hold on her arm tightens. "Adolf. I haven't seen anyone more selfish and heartless than you, you are hurting me. Leave..." She cried in pain. "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet..." He shrieked. He moves close to her to kiss her lips when someone grabbed him from the collar pulling him away... Sarah's eyes were closed. "Alpha, move away from my mate." The other boy said. Sarah's eyes are wide open with shock. What did he just say? Mate!!!


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