Protecting His Mistress(Kindred Tales #26)


Protecting His Mistress(Kindred Tales #26)

Length: 08hrs 18mins 54 episodesCompleted
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The Virgin and the Warrior...When Karn, a member of the Kindred Elite Espionage Corps, is given the assignment to go undercover as a bodyslave at the home of a cruel Mistress, he doesn't hesitate to take the job. After all, lives are on the line and he has to find the list of Kindred warriors who have been taken prisoner. But to his surprise, he is bought by Mistress Maribella, not for herself, but for her innocent daughter, Lilli.Lilli has never owned a bodyslave before. She was raised in a convent, far from the hedonistic excesses of her native culture and she knows very little about the world. She does know, however, that she's not supposed to fall in love with her tall, muscular bodyslave. But how can she help herself when Karn is so patient and gentle with her? He teaches her things about pleasure she never dreamed of in her sheltered existence at the convent. But when she finds out he's a Kindred spy, will their love survive? You'll have to read Protecting His Mistress to find out.


  • warrior
  • alien contact
  • Romance


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