Kindred Warrior's Captive Bride(Kindred Tales #24)


Kindred Warrior's Captive Bride(Kindred Tales #24)

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Read The Kindred Warrior's Captive Bride to find out!Needrix is a Kindred warrior with a tragic past. After losing his pregnant mate during childbirth, he has sworn never to even look at another female again. So he tells himself to ignore the auction going on where a lovely young woman is being sold. But when Need's disgusting crewmate, a three-headed Trollox called Drung, starts bidding on her, he knows he can't abandon her to such a cruel fate. Need buys the hapless girl, swearing he won't fall in love with her and planning to get rid of her as soon as possible. Lan'ara is a graduate of the elite Twyleth Tigg Academy--a finishing school where beautiful young ladies of good breeding are trained to be the wives and concubines of the richest and most influential men in the galaxy. But on graduation night, the school was raided by a band of pirates who stole her away and auctioned her off. Now she finds herself the property of a surly Kindred warrior who has vowed never to touch or love her. He even promises to bring her back to the man who bought her contract in the first place. So her life should be back on track, right?Wrong. Neither Lan'ara or Need knows that she has been injected with the Lust Bacterium, a compound which causes her to need his touch. As her touch cravings grow stronger, Lan'ara finds herself turning to the big Kindred more and more. And Need finds it harder and harder to resist falling for the beautiful female he has rescued. But Drung the Trollox still wants her for his own


  • Paranormal
  • warrior
  • pirate
  • alien contact


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