Tempting the Prince(Sexy Misadventures of Royals Book 3)


Tempting the Prince(Sexy Misadventures of Royals Book 3)

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What happens when you mix an average American woman with a decidedly not average future King? I can tell you from experience—a whole lot of complications. You see, four months ago, my all-American sister, Kelsey, found out that she’s not actually my sister—she’s a princess of a country we’d never heard of. She begged me to come along when she was whisked off to her new palace, so here I am. An outsider who doesn’t fit in anywhere. Now that she’s settled, I should go back to my exciting new career in New York. I absolutely should not stay in a country where I got shot (long story), where I suck so badly at the national sport that I accidentally murdered the symbol of the monarchy in front of half the country, and—oh yeah—where I can’t stop ogling Kelsey’s actual brother. The Crown Prince. The man who has to marry a very important princess. (not me) The man who must create the next heir to the throne. (without me) The man I absolutely can never be with. (remember that long story?) The man who just gave me the best sex of my life… Did I mention that it’s complicated?


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