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Isabella Johnson was the only daugther of the Johnson family. She was not the favorite child her oldest brother was always the crown prince and heir to the Johnson family fortune James Johnson, Isabella was only good enough to marry the player and heir to the Stevens family Paul Stevens, but since she was a bit chubby and did not really care how she looked (as her mother always put her down and her father could not stand the sight of her), he divorced her the night after he had s*x with her in his drunken state. She left and went back to her parents home, but they chased her out as she was not even good enough to keep her husband. Her brother James was not there for her either as Paul was his best friend and he never picked up his phone when his sister called him. She got in her little car she got for her sixteenth birthday, just a normal little Mazda not like her brother's Porsche he got for his sixteenth, she drove off into the night. Still thinking about the divorce papers she just signed and the last sentence stuck in her head, no child born out of the short marriage will be acknowledged as a heir to the Stevens fortune, she did not care as it only happened once between her and Paul and surely she could not be pregnant. She still had her money she inherit from her grandmother and started a small restaurant because the only thing she knew about was making good food . 9 months later her son was born her restaurant have grown into one of the most favorite place in LA and she was making so much money that she opened another branch of her restaurant in New York. Six years later she was the CEO the boss of the most famous restaurant group in the States. She lost her extra weight, take care of herself and was ready to go back to her home city to take revenge on her family and her ex husband.


  • contract marriage
  • powerful
  • self-improved
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • humorous
  • chubby
  • sassy
  • asexual
  • humiliated
  • Romance


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