My Mystical Destiny(The Protectors Series Book 2)


My Mystical Destiny(The Protectors Series Book 2)

Length: 28hrs 47mins 136 episodesCompleted
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Book 2 of The Protectors Series Status: Complete The twins of the Blood Moon pack grew up knowing they were special. Betas daughters, one engaged to the Alpha’s son and one engaged to the future Beta. But who says the future will happen exactly how you expect it to? The girls turn eighteen and find out something strange about themselves, leading them down a path of uncertainty and adventure as they discover who, and what, they really are; and who they’re really meant to be with. The Alpha twins of the Snow Moon pack grew up with a rocky relationship. One grew up doted on, the other grew up being called a creature all his life. What happens when a another person gets in the middle of their struggling sibling relationship? The Alpha’s son and the Future Beta of the Blood Moon pack are cousins, best of friends who grew up knowing that they were engaged to the Betas daughters. They know and accept their futures, even though both of them are secretly and deeply in love with someone else.


  • Paranormal
  • arranged marriage
  • mate
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • bxb
  • mystery
  • witchcraft
  • supernatural


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