The Dragon Prince's Beloved


The Dragon Prince's Beloved

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Note; If you are looking for a book with steamy scenes, then this is not it. This book is rated 16+ because of the setting and some language, but definitely not steamy. Just a friendly warning before you dive in. #Book 1; The Dragon Prince’s Beloved# #Book 2; Adored By The Dragon King# *COMPLETED* The softness of his lips made contact with mine. It was like making contact with a bolt of lightning; a static charge lit up nerve ends so fiercely that I could hear them crackle. I tried to pull away but it was already too late. His other arm had snaked around my waist to hold me firmly against him. Even as I released a protesting gasp, his dark head was still there. Oh, I tried to fight him. I twisted and turned and went through a series of denying groans and quivers, but ended up kissing him back as if I couldn't get enough of him. It was awful and I was appalled at myself, yet my mouth clung hungrily and my body yearned for more. I gave up, and it lasted for a few seconds, or so I thought. Suddenly, he let go of me, and I gasped for air, my lungs dry and starved. Eragon rested his forehead against mine, his breathing as hard as mine. This time, however, when I stared into his eyes, they were back to silver, and when I turned to look at his hand, the scales weren't there anymore. "You felt it, didn't you?" he whispered. Of course, I felt it. But this wasn't the kind of proving I had in mind. "No," I replied, and saw his gaze slid down my swollen lips. "I didn't. You're still showing me that you only need my body and not me. I won't be giving myself to someone not worthy of having me." I shoved him away, clearly, it wasn't my strength that did that, but I did, and I quickly sat up, wrapping my hands around my body. I quickly scrambled to my feet and looked at him one more time before I turned and fled away. "You just wait and see," he called. "I'm going to make you mine!" *** Captured and taken as a slave by Eragon; the handsome Dragon Prince of the Kingdom of Tanamoot, Arrelia Vincent had always thought of herself as nothing but an ordinary human. A weakling without powers. Meeting Eragon was her fate. Falling for him was unavoidable. Despite knowing that there were obstacles waiting ahead to tear their blooming love apart, Arrelia still chose to give her heart a try. But not after the dark secrets were unleashed alongside her powers. Not after she realized that a crown awaited her outside. One that would turn the table around and have her thirsting for the blood of the murderers of those who loved her. A madness driving guilt which she would live with forever. A madness which will force her glory to be placed upon the blood fountain of men. Who would save her from the chaotic state she had casted herself into? Who will lift her out of her fallen asylum? What tale does this book have to unveil?


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • kickass heroine
  • confident
  • royalty/noble
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • female lead
  • medieval
  • magical world
  • dragons


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