Rogue. Beta


Rogue. Beta

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“let go of me”I wanted my voice to be strong. What was this weird fluttering in the pit of my stomach? Five years. I waited five years for you and now you in my room...n**d and you think I would let you go? I think I am going to keep you, pumpkin. Forever.His breath across my face. I'll scream. Oh, doll. You can‘t scream with a tongue in your mouth. What do you do when you go on a mission and end up in love? Do you abort your mission or do you proceed with caution? As a rogue, I had had people trying to kill me from birth but my father's empire was strong enough to protect me. They called him the leader of the Rogue Mafia, the Rogue Lord, but he preferred the title of God. He was a god in his own right. He wanted the power in Silver Day and it was the perfect chance for me to show him I wasn't a little girl anymore. At nineteen, I was more than eager to follow in his footsteps. As his princess, it was my desire to help Father with the gang. But would I choose my father over my mate? I thought it would be a difficult choice but the choice wasn't mine. Mason had waited five years for me and he wasn't going to let me choose anyone over him. My job was simple. Pretend to be an omega and infiltrate the Silver Day Pack. Learn their secrets and steal their Elemental. Nowhere in the plan was I supposed to find my mate. I was not supposed to fall in love.


  • Paranormal
  • possessive
  • kidnap
  • maffia
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • betrayal
  • sassy


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