Her Revenge for the Divorce


Her Revenge for the Divorce

Length: 15hrs 20mins 73 episodesCompleted
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Lina had a hard life. Her father hated her for being born. Her mother died at her birth and he made her marry Jack Adams that always listens to his mother Penelope Adams when Penelope makes her husband, who Lina loved a lot, made his son to divorce her for Angela Summers. She was heartbroken and Lina is out on revenge. She goes to a club that night and sleeps with a stranger she does know. Ten years she is back successful and destroying her ex-husband and his family. But whose son id the little boy and girl beside her? Are they Jack's or the stranger she slept with? The twins are clever and sweet and love their mommy. Markus Green is a billionaire he is not married but engaged to a woman called Jackie O'Conner. Can he marry a woman he does not love. Can he forget the woman of he slept with nine years ago? Did he give his seed and heart away that night? He has been looking for her for years. Markus is a dangerous man he makes his money legally but also he does not like competition. So when the new telecommunications opens in town he is angry as they are sinking his partners the Adams' Family and he just invested his money in the company as they were the most successful telecommunications company in town. Until this woman come to rune it all.


  • revenge
  • scandal
  • badgirl
  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • comedy
  • twisted
  • asexual
  • Romance


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