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I’m the Dixon who left.Through the good, bad, and worst imaginable, I stayed gone.When I return home after a decade, I’m not surprised by the cold reception from my family … or my brother’s best friend.Emberly Olsen.I spent my childhood tormenting her.Now these days with her feel like the cruelest sort of unintended revenge.We’ve changed.She’s changed.Pure confidence and sensuality, but her pouty lips and heavy-lidded eyes scream contempt. And word around town? She’s untouchable.But after sharing a few drinks, her snide comments turn teasing.Sneers become smiles.Huffs change to laughs.Laughs to moans, sweeter than any sound.Years of animosity ignite into carnal need and passion.We can blame it on the whiskey.I have a feeling we’ll try.But we aren’t that drunk.


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